Managing your restaurant is not easy

The Xfood system is designed to raise your restaurant’s revenues, track your business progress, and other features designed specifically to serve your restaurant and satisfy customers.


What makes Xfood unconventional and special

Fully integrated into one system

The Xfood system is fully integrated with a modern and more intuitive design. It installs simply, updates easily, works offline, synchronizes automatically and manages everything at once from one screen.

Requisition and communication system

Increase your sales through phone orders; Your customers will be able to easily communicate with your restaurant, and you will be able to earn their loyalty. The system saves the customer's name, phone number, and address. Better yet; It is: their pre-stocked orders will facilitate the ordering process in the future.

Cloud POS System

The Xfood system is smart, reliable and can be used through cloud service technology. Through it, you can control inventory management, increase the rate of customer visits during the day, through smart reports, and more.

Inventory Management

Monitor your food stock levels, and you'll never lose track of your stock. Set notifications of food stock levels, from any device, and no item will be out of stock or wasted; Because you will buy the items ahead of time.

kitchen display system

Create a direct connection between the kitchen staff, the cashier and the service staff; Using tools that synchronize orders in real time and will appear on the (Kitchen Display System), any changes to orders are made instantly, to reduce food waste.

Analytics, Smart Reports

The xfood system uses your data to provide you with analytics and reports. Track revenue, sales, profits, and costs from anywhere, from any device, as well as: see special reports that will provide you with important insights into crew member sales, or sales categories in different time periods: hour, day, month, year. Additional reports will calculate customer turnout and demand levels as well.

It works on any device

Xfood works on any device and there is no need for a specific device
It works with high efficiency on touch devices and dedicated POS devices, X-Food supports all types of hardware, thermal printers, barcode printers and barcode readers.


Works with or without internet

Internet problems are many, so Xfood is designed to work with the Internet or even in the absence of the Internet. The (Xfood) system will continue to work, linking data, and synchronizing it once you are back online.

Overview of your restaurant

The X-Food system allows you to take a quick look at your restaurant and check it floor by floor until the table orders.

The floor plan will tell you exactly where your customers are, where are the empty tables, who is still waiting for food, and how much space you have left.


Easy and modern cashier screen

Say bye bye for complex and expired POS programs, xfood program designed with the latest technology 2020

Get the most out of Your inventory efficiently and effectively

The Xfood system automatically enters any transaction from the point of sale into the inventory. In real time, you can see the availability of products, without wasting time.

Track all inventory movements from purchase to warehouse access to sales orders. Track upstream or downstream batch or serial numbers from anywhere in the supply chain.


A page for each customer and supplier

Follow all supplier and customer transactions, know their purchases and payments in one look

Lots of information in one look

In one look, see a detailed account statement for the customer and supplier immediately and follow up on his purchases, payments and debts, an easy-to-read and fast account statement

Reward points for every bill of a certain amount

Encourage your customers to visit your store again through reward points and they can be exchanged for the purchase of a specific product or a discount on an invoice