Managing your clinic and taking care of the patient is not easy

X-Clinic is the perfect solution if you are looking for simplicity and power at the same time.


What makes X Clinic unconventional and special

Fully integrated into one system

The x-clinic system is fully integrated with a modern and more intuitive design. It installs simply, updates easily, works offline, synchronizes automatically and manages everything at once from one screen.

cloud system

The x-clinic system is smart, reliable and can be used through cloud service technology. Through it, you can control the management of your entire clinic, increase your profit rate during the day through smart reports and more.

Inventory and accounts management

Monitor the stock levels of medicines, medical supplies and all your needs, and you'll never lose track of your inventory. Set stock level notifications, from any device, and no item will be out of stock, or wasted. Keep track of revenue and expenses.

A section for every need and send messages

The X Clinic system has all the departments you need, such as a pharmacy department, laboratories department, radiology department, operations department, and you can view detailed bills for each department, and you can also send alert messages to patients or even medical staff to inform them of any updates or their medical condition.

Online system

X-Clinic supports online consultation and follow-up of patients, and the strongest advantage is that all your meetings with your employees and medical staff will remain through the system. I mean, on the other hand, you can follow your clinic from home without any effort.

Analytics, Smart Reports

The xclinic system uses your data to provide you with analytics and reports. Follow transactions, stocks, profits, and costs from anywhere, and from any device, X-Clinic has all the reports that you will need in your clinic and will guide you with everything small and large to make the right decision.

It works on any device

X-Clinic works on any device and there is no need for a specific device
It works well on touch devices. xclinic supports all types of hardware.


Works with or without internet

Internet problems are many, so X-Clinic is designed to work with the Internet or even in the absence of the Internet. The X-Clinic system will continue to work, linking and synchronizing data once you’re back online.

Create a complete record for each patient

A complete record for each patient with information about him, his history of illness, and his operations, medications or analyzes.

And add periodic notes on the patient’s condition, with attached x-rays or analyzes.

Determine and organize appointments for examinations between patients and doctors and send alert messages to patients to inform them of any updates or alerts related to the medical center or their medical condition.


Distribute work tasks to your employees and monitor their performance

Assign doctors, nurses and receptionists and keep track of their activity records, assign patients to specific doctors and follow up on actions taken.

Detailed reports on every movement

X-Clinic provides a sufficient set of reports to tell you about every movement, small or large
In your clinic, starting from transaction reports and entering the patient to profit and revenue reports.

The x-clinic has more than 25 reports in a very distinctive, easy and simple way.


A special page for each employee and patient

Follow all the transactions of employees and patients, know their status and payments in one look.