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Before starting any strategy, goals must be set at the outset, and we help our clients define the goals of their work and companies, and based on these goals we create e-marketing strategies.

The task of the team begins with conducting detailed analyzes of your business to determine the most appropriate and best e-marketing solutions and services to achieve the desired results and the best return on the available marketing budget.

We work in Taqnia on the emergence and spread of your company’s brand by increasing traffic on the Internet and attracting the attention of the target audience through social media marketing.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Marketing through social media.
  • Email Marketing.
  • SMS Marketing.
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Analytics and ConsultingOptimizing websites for search engines
We conduct detailed analyzes of your company or business’s competitive position and target audience of potential customers in order to develop a customized internet marketing strategy and plan of the most appropriate and best e-marketing solutions and services in order to ensure the best results without wasting the available budget.Get more organic traffic to your website through search engines from potential customers who have searched for your business's products or services by investing in SEO solutions and services with the aim of creating a continuous source of profitable free visits to your company's website or store mail.
Email marketing developmentPaid Digital Advertising
Develop custom digital marketing platforms in addition to social media campaigns We provide solutions and services to develop professional digital marketing platforms customized for your project or business by developing a professional website and official mobile application for your business.Paid digital advertising campaigns are the perfect solution for your business to reach quickly and accurately to your existing and potential business customers on various e-marketing platforms without the need for an open advertising budget that is not available in the case of marketing start-ups and small projects.

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