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Because we study the market and customer segments proposed to you, we will provide the best design with a different unique experience for your customers. We also provide continuous security and software updates to focus on your work only.


Our network is full of clients with successful experiences

About Us

Over 8 years of helping companies reach new heights on the Internet

Taqnia.com was established in 2015 by young people at the Faculty of Computers and Information as a small project for the design of programs and small systems. The company was developed and completely restructured and an integrated team of professionals with experience in programming, design and content writing reached the number of customers of the company now More than 250 clients

250 +
happy customer
8 +
years of experience
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professional programmers

A highly experienced team of IT graduates to work specifically on your project

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Integrated work team

Your business is managed by an integrated team of programmers, designers, content writers and social media marketers to focus only on your work.

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Mobile friendly designs

The current generation is the generation of phones, and statistics show that 90% of browsing is through the mobile phone! Do not worry, we do a fully customized design to work on the mobile.

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Security and Backup

One of the most important design principles is security and encryption of the connection through the installation of the security certificate for the site. We also provide backup copies, security and software updates on an ongoing basis.

What do we offer you?

We help you take your company to new heights

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We design websites with a unique and distinctive experience with more than 8 years of experience, at unbeatable prices, and with a lifetime guarantee on website quality and updating.

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We design programs for managing companies, employees, their salaries, tracking work times, making invoices and quotations, and storing customer data in one program at an unbeatable price.

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There is no doubt that mobile applications have made a big difference in accessing a service or a product! Currently, all tasks can be accomplished through a mobile application, and the sales rate is also increasing! order now.

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A picture is worth a thousand words! This is a fact and a video is equivalent to a thousand pictures. Order now a design, logo, or business card for your business or company, and get gifts on each design.

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The market is full of competition. Go where the customer is and he is now on Google. Improve your site's search results and get traffic and customer flow from Google.

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Google ads work the work of the note! It displays your ad instantly on Google and you are charged only when you click on your ad. Try it now to appear immediately on Google.

our approach

Design your website in 3 steps


competitor market research

We study the market, potential customer segments, and the products or services that you will provide to them to provide the best vision for the implementation of the project


Planning and analysis

We start designing your site based on a clear vision based on the study we conducted with the aim of delivering the project on time and with the highest quality.


Development and Design

We develop your project based on quality tests by reviewing the results of planning and analysis, in addition to the analyzes we carry out to provide you with the best service.

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    Our network is full of clients with successful experiences with us which is why our chain of customer reviews will never end.

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